200.00 USD 100.00 USD

Package Description


  • [Champion] Prefix
  • Unlimited Sethomes
  • Create Colored Signs
  • Priority Queue when Joining
  • 48,000 Extra Claim Blocks


  • /Pokeheal (Heal your Pokemon on the go)
  • /Pc (Check your PC on the go)
  • /Craft (Access a portable workbench)
  • /Anvil (Access a portable Anvil)
  • /Enderchest (Access your Enderchest from anywhere)
  • /Hat (Wear any block as a hat)
  • /Fly (Survival Area)
  • /TMs (Displays a list of what TMs a Pokemon can learn)
  • /Movelist (Displays a list of what moves a Pokemon learns)
  • /Hatch (Hatch Eggs Instantly)
  • /HiddenPower (View your Pokemons HiddenPower type)
  • /Tradesim (Instantly triggers Trade Evolution on a Pokemon)
  • /RedeemFossil (Instantly Redeem Fossils)
  • /Repair (Repairs the current item in your hand)
  • /Pokemoncolor (Change your Pokemon's name color)

Daily Kit: (/kit DailyChampion)

  • 6 Rare Candy
  • 24 Red Apricorns
  • 20 Blue Apricorns
  • 24 Black Apricorns
  • 12 Yellow Apricorns

Weekly Kit: (/kit WeeklyChampion)

  • 3 Random Shiny Pokemon
  • 3 Premium Keys


  • This rank will be applied to all our Pixelmon Survival servers (Gold, Silver, Crystal, Emerald and Ruby)
  • The weekly kit can be redeemed once per week across all servers. The cooldown is cross-server.