Welcome to the Pokecentral Store

This is the new store, replacing the old store. If you see this message, you should be good to donate and receive your goods!

Here you can purchase ranks, items, and Pokemon that enhance your gameplay on the Pokecentral Network. Select the server your play on to explore the different available offerings. Please be sure to enter your full correct and current username when prompted. Once your at the checkout select Paypal as your payment method. After clicking Purchase, you will have the option to pay with Credit/Debit. All payments are handled securely through Paypal.


Payment Support

If you do not receive your items immediately, please wait up to 30 minutes before contacting a member of staff.  You may reach out directly to Techdaan on https://discord.gg/Pokecentral for the quickest response. You can also visit our Dashboard https://pokecentral.org and open a support ticket. Always double check that you selected the correct server on which you play to receive your items, this is the most common mistake that costumers tend to make.  

To view your order status and payment history, go to