Celestial Egg

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Package Description

 Includes 1 Limited-Edition Celestial Egg!

  • Used to obtain Aura Pokémon from the Celestial Set!
  • After opening 20 eggs in a row without obtaining a single legendary or ultra beast, you will receive an egg that guarantees a Legendary Pokémon!

All Pokemon received from eggs will have the following:

  • Minimum of 65% IVs!
  • Custom Colored Nickname!

Possible Common Pokemon: (95% Chance for any of the following)

  • Lunaris Larvesta
  • Astral Eevee
  • Intercosmic Honedge
  • Empyrean Treecko
  • Ascendant Gible
  • Cosmic Scyther
  • Kepler Emolga
  • Ethereal Misdreavus
  • Galaxy Wooloo
  • Starlight Shellder
  • Astral Snom
  • Constellation Ponyta
  • Ethereal Vulpix
  • Aurora Bulbasaur
  • Astral Tauros

Possible Rare Pokemon: (3.5% Chance for any of the following)

  • Stardust Zeraora
  • Space Giratina
  • Spacial Eternatus
  • Constellation Lugia

Possible Super Rare Pokemon: (1.5% Chance for any of the following)

  • Eclipse Cresselia
  • Reality Arceus
  • Moonlight Jirachi

 Once received, simply right-click to open!

Notice: You must be using our Resource Pack (click here to download) in order to view custom textured Pokemon.